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His work is liked by:

Purple Moustacho

Lives and works at Sydney, Australia



EXHIBITIONS: 2016 "Annual Show" The Shop Gallery, Sydney 2015 "Edinbourgh Artists' Moving Image", Edinbourgh 2015 "Gestos" Sandpit Gallery, Melbourne 2015 BEAMS Festival, Sydney 2015 "SYNC 3", 107 Projects, Sydney 2015 "The Genderator" The Shop Gallery, Sydney 2014 Please Hold Magazine, Online Magazine Jorge Mansilla was born in 1979 has lived in the U.S.A., Spain and now in Australia. Has been producing art since 1999: exploring various themes such as sexuality, spirituality, our relationship with nature and death. His art results fall in the intersection of figurative and abstract, constantly obsessed with the possibility of making visible the intangible. Sissy Reyes is a visual artist born in 1982 who migrated to Australia in 2007. She is influenced by cinema, mythology and cultural gender studies. Her work explores alternative narratives of gender, class, ethnicity and the subconscious through the surreal and the absurd by highlighting the social conventions we perceive as “normal/abnormal".


Purple Moustacho is an Art collective conformed by two Australia based Mexican artists. These humans joined forces in order to produce complex, surreal and striking aesthetics with themes of gender, sexuality and consumerism which aim to expose the absurdity within these cultural constructs. For more info and works please visit:

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